Hello, I am Vlado!

My name is Vladimir Georgiev (VGeorgiev).

I’m a software developer, technical trainer, speaker, blogger and photographer. I love .NET, JavaScript, algorithms, gadgets and everything related to programming.
More about me…


Start your first startup! ASAP

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Today I decided to spend time to go to the event “UniStart Bootcamp: Find a co-founder, Make a dream team“….


ASP.NET 5 Articles (blog posts and videos)

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I wanted to make an introduction video about ASP.NET 5 and show you what is new, but in the last…


Introducing VGeorgiev School

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Hello, my friends. One of my passions is to speak on IT topics. I am interested in researching and speaking about…


JavaScript Courses in SoftUni

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We now have around 800-900 students who started their education back in March 2014, September 2014 and January 2014 at…