Course Program:

  1. Introduction to AngularJS
    • Controllers and Markup
  2. AngularJS Components
    • Services
    • Routing
    • Directives
  3. AngularJS Best Practices
  4. Working with Data, Authorization, Authentication
  5. Internationalization, Routers
    • Internationalization
    • ngRouter
    • ngNewRouter
    • uiRouter
  6. AngularJS Unit Testing
  7. Angular 2


The AngularJS course was well organized and presented by the lecturer. It covered the core concepts and explored complementary tools and technologies related to unit and integration testing. The lecturer was competent and answered all questions in depth, providing good technical examples. The team’s feedback was taken into account and the course content was dynamically adjusted to meet the demand. Bottom line: The course was very helpful for fast entering in the new SPA UI for WA PL Team. I would like to thank you from behalf of the team for the course, and to encourage more courses which will extend team expertise.

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